1.) the cellos, the dates

This is the first of many posts on the projects Ill be working on this year. being first post and barely through first cup of coffee, this is business hour. Trevor recorded 2 sets of solo cello recordings (1 in paris, 1 in new york) and released some on his facebook the other day. SHOCKING! We have been working in the barn on that batch of material for a release (later in the year hopefully). These songs have seen many different faces, hot bodies, and skeletons, etc. Im excited to be finalizing some arrangements for the tunes, beacuse they are absolutely stellar.

Previous to TE sessions we had been working with SK on several new tunes, 1 that i brought in (untitled 1), and a few of Trevors including a power ballad version of  ”LOVER.” He left for tour yesterday but man we have been making some great new sounds….I cant wait to get out on the road and test um out! Slides, Kalimbas, Glocks!

April Dates for SK




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