working at home alot. ups and downs.

Been spending alot of time lately arranging sections of audio from my old hard drive in to these collages. Working on this old school wurlitzer, that somehow ended up at my house. Im certainly not complaining but everytime I sit down at the thing (which is not enough) im reminded of why its actually there. Ive written (loosely) some pretty disturbing music on it in a very short period of time. it feels great to get things like that out. Even better if it ends up translating.  The moves we got going on right now involve alot of parallel white noise and real instrument tracks. Phil Joly (Electric Ladyland) is helping me track/mix the stuff. We can agree on bad habits

I wish i had time to hodgepodge with audio all day…Some of the stuff i plan on releasing in the next year has come a long way. These songs are journeys.  Anyone that has access to cool sound libraries of  indigenous music, please share!

i feel as if im starting anew! Super excited about the music and people in my life right now!