the brain will eventually split into 8…. only to coalesce back into a brain. switching mediums.

well….with that being said, I’m in stockertown, at the big red barn, taking advantage of an empty studio and  pops/jen unforseen decision to hop a flight to puerto rico for their anniversary <3.  working on some drum/piano music after a night well spent on hip hop, cleaning supplies, and a pretty girl. My week was scattered about in a way that I am beginning to welcome with open arms.  Starting on Tuesday @ a Circus/Fair/ Mobile Animal Farm in Scranton. I was to be paid for this. They found me….played 2 sets of music with Miz….Mostly improv and relatively painless at that. Mike really has a way with his songs that intrigues me more than the jammin’ aspect. If you ever get a chance to check him out, you should (i will include a set of links at the bottom).

Wednesday was a duo with Cellist  Trevor Exter, performing some music that we have been working on together. I spent alot of time in NY  last year…lots of musical ventures, new friends, and…hell lets call it love. New mindset wednesday. Weight lifted off my shoulders, ready to play some pop cello music with one of my best friends and music partner. The crowd was wonderfully energetic and warm….I hardly looked out, but I could really feel it….more than ever i felt like the audience had done my job…for themselves. Its really that important, most nights if not all….the audience, god fucking bless them, is what really gets you through the night no matter what personal bullshit might be plaguing your mind, body or spirit. hahah it sounds all funny. but seriously. TRUTH.

New Madrid Faults, the animal that its becoming tore down the silk lounge in allentown thursday. thanks joe for bringing another great venue to the table for original music. The band has a vibe….an uncontrollable, uncontainable, mass of sound with very little boundries kind of vibe. Its overwhelming….its also rare i think. The 3 of us have such an odd chemistry that half the fun just might be watching us fuck up and trying to pick up the pieces. I am blessed. Trouble City All Stars played before us. Matty Love & I guested effectively. It was a great way to end my “week”…at home with friends, feeling very uncomfortable about myself as a human/artist. fuckin’ A righteousness!

trevor xtr –

trouble city –

mike miz –

new madrid – MASS EP – coming soon



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