Bar 4 (Mike Gamble Marc Friedman) and CQ, KJ, New Friends @ Bar 4

had a great day hangin with CQ and others. ended it with a flashed out piece. Bar 4 reminds me of Porters if it were a music venue. really EYE opening gig…please make it out to see one of these if you can. We hit @ Bar 4 in Brooklyn on Monday nights every couple of months or so.

Mike Gamble – – mike has an approach to the guitar that is unique…def his own voice. some of my favorite chord voicings ever…and we’ve played together for maybe four hours total…

Marc Friedman – – some of my favorite songs come from these bands.

sometimes he comes…Daniel Carter –
the master 🙂

the art of self-possession….balanced with an abandonment of self

Recently had the pleasure of playing a weekend of shows with wonderful musicians Jon Fadem & Dave Jonsen. I have played with both of these guys since I was 17 or somethin. Ease and comfort (musically) is natural, with a background like this. However, other variables had been thrown in straining this ease….strangling it. Without a good amount of focus, and composure keeping these outside forces can really do some damage. I welcome a good challenge…really I do…But sometimes I just want to sit somehwhere quiet and avoid anything and everything. So without going into much detail, this weekend served me a challenge that was more personal than ever before (and it shouldnt have) What had i gotten myself into. “I should just go crawl in a hole”…started souding really nice. So easily I can end up memorializing these feelings into a very negative place with an accompanying scowl.  Self-worth plays into this alot. Knowing and feeling like “you” have a place “here, right in this moment”, is  key for everyone involved. Doesn’t matter from a band, management, crew, or listener perspective. What people take away from your performance has everything to do with their ENTIRE POV on YOU! Granted if you have left an impression that was positive, mystery and intrigue may enter into play which gives them some idea that they want to have about you. This is very dangerous sometimes…because with this might come false interest that has everything to do with what you do, not who you are. Musically you are a vessel. An energy flows through you, connects with the other vessels (the ppl u r on stage with/ the audience) and becomes one very powerful living, breathing, essential experience to the human spirit. wow…cool …you should feel good about this…everyone should…everyone should go see/feel this all the fucking time. In the midst of all this I cant help but point out that on a quest for this “honest musical vessel feeling” which comes and goes, requires alot of will power not to put a shotgun in your mouth sometimes…Ask any of um….that are still alive…its painfullll. Being some-what self aware of this, a balance can be maintained….and then happiness. you can’t improve a situation without dragging your ass through it once and learning from your mistakes. It was a great two days of music though…Thanks to Dave, Jon, everyone @ PBakers, and PPub.

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health is wealth being

several interesting developments in my music world….it seems the moog bass pedals we need don’t come out until Feb. That puts a break on some things. If anyone has any idea of where i might find some of those old school taurus bass pedals on the east coast       <—that is the newer version and they look so fly!

im sitting at wired…free translator re-birthed me last night. For the past few weeks my mind has been cluttered, but some of my tracks have definitely evolved in way i never thought possible. Apologies for not having any music up here, still trying to establish a schedule that allows me to post on “andyourrunningout” more frequently. I’d imagine in the coming weeks you will find some clips of the newer stuff up here (for several projects).

To give you an idea of whats to come. The concept is to (as organically as possible) permit miniature bits of improvisation collect more and even smaller pieces of sound to tell a story that should’ve never been told. For example I may take a clip from a piano concerto (recorded in 1945 or some shit) and cut it up to fit a song with clips from a monumental woman’s rights speech mixed with some distorted drums recorded by me in a old barn. I may go to park and record some birds, or just “happen” to leave the air conditioner on during a pump organ take. This is new. Found sound collage has been seeping more and more into music, at the for-front of this, bands like The Books ( and You may wonder… How can you take credit for something like this? If most of the stuff you just named off sounds like you did nothing more than drop bits of audio together by other people and call it your own. Regretfully, I am unable to answer this question myself. However (through my self-debating on ” how far is 2 far”) the music has all been composed and if not recorded under my supervision. I keep this in mind when dropping in unrelated clips…then question; am I bringing this clip back to life? doing it justice? how will it affect the listener? It has to have intention behind it, or else its just “something else”.

Ok…back to work on these tracks. when they are posted, would love to hear your feedback…in the meantime consider this an orientation into the world of “found sound” to help you possibly better understand what I may, or may not be trying to accomplish.

some good information on creative commons from Negativeland

The Books – Classy Penguin