vlove progress, this week – free music orchestra (WB) T. exter (beflum)

since last being on here…more has happened than can be remembered. a monumental west coast trip. did drums/percussion tracking for my friend lael out in oakland. some great originals complete with a tribal MGMT cover (pieces of what). thanksgiving in marin with langs & co. wonderfaul! great to see my mom brothers nieces and allwah! phil joly session!

porters on fri. w/ trev
north adams mass on sat w/ the todd reynolds. he also has a word press check out his “still life with microphone” @ MASS MOCA post. thanks to everyone in N.A. you made it feel better than home.

sun. trip with todd trev, to meet a hero of mine, paul de jong. we hung in his lofty library/museum/recording studio. what a beautiful room. trev and paul cello talk and a preview of todd/paul’s new project.

monday home.. edible pesto worms complete with unbeatable company.

…playall. kid rock…many other things.

paul de jong projects –

trevor exter –

upcoming performances
thurs. free music orchestra (river st. jazz cafe)

fri trevor exter (wildflower cafe) bethlehem pa

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