Sampling/Working on Metal/Sampling Album with Matty Love.

…the simpsons are on now, after a startling bout with monsteria. wrote a song with matty love today…been staying up here in q-town…im going to upload some samples from the writing session tomorrow morning. keep lookin. also making some progress on the moodments record…collected german phrases, chimes, and CBN samples.


hish is as.


Exter vs. Kimock EP

Hey yall. Worked alot this week. Did some Exter vs. Kimock shows in addition to a solo performances. This has been lots of fun. The solo performances have def increased the stress level, but all said and done it seems like the translate quite well. Yesterday proved equally if not more productive than the entire week. I recorded some strings with TE and Nick who really helped transform a piece I have been working on into music beyond anything i have ever been a part of. These two are totally shaping the way Im hearing most of my music right now. Cant wait to work more with them. Also just finished is an EP for a band TE and I have together called Exter Vs. Kimock. Its not out yet but if you are itchin for a taste visit our Fb band page and take a listen. The approach for the mixing process was wonderful. Pedals spread out across and organ bench. (delay pedal, black box, tremelo) The way these recordings are turning out is super homegrown and special. SUPER HOMEGROWN. back to the roots. To many options these days. Im sick of that.