in Alabama….huntsville hang for a few days

I have to say the south has been giving us some special shows this month. We performed at Lowe Mill Arts Center last night in Huntsville Alabama, to find out that Johnathan Rice had performed the night before. god damn! that would have been one helleva bill. Sound issues plagued the first have of the evening soundcheck. I remained in the corner uploading some tracks from the night before
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I have been keeping my fingers crossed with the loops, granted things change over a few years of playing with loops. You begin to trust the people looping more, you can trust the loop more too :). Even out of time they can be followed if you understand the mutant accents of one said cellists groove. The monitors are also a key factor in the equation, and sometimes non-existing. Trev & I go through metronome sessions and do some crazy shit, that really helps us hook up for the show.

After hours of sitting in Atlanta Interstate Brushfire Traffic (AIBT), no moving…absolutely not….not for hours. We were shoved off some exit and ended up taking some backroads, finally arriving with a total of 9-10hrs under our belt. It looked like kind of a rough area, so mentally asmuch of what was left of my brain was devoted to playing a show and being ignored the whole night….it happens sometimes…you show up one night, first time there, they didnt get your posters, barely remember corresponding through email, but hell, “you can play.” They ignore you for 3 hrs. watching sports intermittently yelling cover songs at you all night, and your paid next to nothing. Pleasantly surprised by Zuffy’s Place. Everyone was incredibly nice, fed us, put some money in the gas tank, and bought some merch. Now all we needed was a crowd. I went to use the bathroom before soundcheck and find Col Bruce Hampton at the back of the bar. At set break he proceeded on telling me how we had met 360 years ago in San Franciso, but i probably wouldn’t remember that. He liked the drums & cello vibe and told me how happy he is to see things like this going on. That really gave me a boost and carried me through the next few days. Col Bruce I LOVE YA! Getting to play with Ms. Donna Hopkins was a such a special treat. THANKS DIMA!

Day off…day offf…day off… tired blah blah….mix mix.

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In the midst of the winter blow out I felt uncomfortable about being stuck at “home” trying to figure out how I might fit into some snowed-in dynamic with the family. Once again…my own paranoia. This would inspire some good old Beflum “hangtime.” you guys like to hang out right?
An option fell into my lap to occupy an half-empty apartment to finish recording