coffee. slide guitars. chopped voices. library card.

hitting the bottom of the barrel of the coffee pot. not a drop of sugar. taking a break from that. and enjoying coffee again. making music of all different kinds. less drums more composing these days. does anybody have some money laying around?

the drums and cello is really starting to take shape and form outside our pee-brains and rehearsal rooms. questions of content and form have never plagued me like this. i have some music in my head that cannot seemed to come out in a way that is ever easily understood (by me) or in an organized way. someone come over and tell me how this is going. but! drums and cello is raging the band name is also in a transition from exter vs kimock to XVSK! the best we can do at this point. with all of the other hats to wear at this point in my career Im heavily for having a name (no matter what it is “good or bad”)sooner rather than later. Even if that means “it sucks”. but i promise you will have force to attach to it soon. It will become very apparent how the name will connect –> the music –> the branding. its just gonna take some thought on our end.

we got some shows coming up. tell me what you think. band sounds pretty good to me 🙂

Fri June 17 Porters Pub 10 PM
Thurs June 23 River St. Jazz Cafe w/ Marco Benevento Trio
Fri June 24 Sullivan Hall Tourbine CD Release Party


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