Away Games

Jeez..people need to chill…im included in that by the way. finally home but leaving again tomorrow :/. We had a great string of shows with SK crew. We had the legendary Bernie Worrell ( sit in with us on multiple occasions which was a blast. Hope to hear some of that soon. SK aswell…Ripped it up on a few tunes. Wally Ingram ( came up for a few tunes in Brooklyn and so did Todd Reynolds (

Did some recording with Dana Colley of Morphine ( over at High n Dry. The studio was in a beautiful white castle in Boston. Dana was kind enough to let us stay with him that night since we had no where else to go. We stopped for a beer on the way home and it really dawned on me how heavy he is. Everybody knows him and is held highly in this tight-knit Cambridge dub scene. Im sure elsewhere to. He has that quality where it seems like he is slightly removed from reality and is watching over everybody and the scene. Surveying the kingdom. Needless to say he is a very special person in my book…and he has a beautiful family. The whole thing was just great. THANKS DANA!

The next day we woke up saw our tour manager Ben hop on a plane to Seattle. Sad to see him go. He is working the UK Reunion Tour ( with Terry Bozzio…setting up the monster kit and driving it from city to city. crazy stuff. 

We drove to 5 hours from Boston to Brooklyn to record with our good friend Roger Greenawalt ( Roger is an amazing producer/visionary. He sat with us and recorded XVSK’s single that will be out shortly. Roger works at lightening speed. And he is very particular about the musicians he works with. Im glad we got another chance to get in there and collab on something. 

Sooo….nowww….Home for a day…Then off to Bloomsburg to play with XVSK. there is a run happening. Going up to Hartford CT and back to Eagles Mere PA. Then a week “off”

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XVSK tour with Steve Kimock & Friends/ Recording w/ Dana Colley of Morphine

Hey guys. Just got off a Southern Tour with XVSK. We had some great shows! Thanks to everyone involved! See you again soon. XVSK hits the road with Steve Kimock & Friends this week. We will be hitting up Bethlehem, Brooklyn, Fairfield, Portland, and Boston. After that we will chill in Boston for a few days with Dana Colley of Morphine. We are very excited to get this record out and into your hands. I also just sampled XVSK’s interactive APP for Natalie. It is MIND BLOWING! Brian over at (who did this website) is designing it as we speak. I also finished my first documentary score on this last tour. It was a serious double duty roll that I am going to try and avoid in the future for the sake of my sanity. Thanks to Jabari for having me on board! I will let you know when it comes out! 

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P.S> Here are some videos from our Southern Tour! – XVSK performing Cathedral by Van Halen into an orignal song called Hits – XVSK performing William Bells Hit with Booker T – Everybody Loves A Winner