G Porter Jr and the why the fuck am I not in New Orleans post

afternoon. 🙂 about to teach over here at the lesson center and wanted to hop on and thank everyone who voted for us in the poll. It really made a difference to see how many of you care. Thanks to the folks who worked double duty to try and put it over the top.

Woke up to a tour bus in the yard and bernie smoking a cig with a cup of coffee outside the barn. Everyone has been raving about the shows they’ve done recently which is so great. Well deserved to those guys. Very excited to see where that goes. i will be hopping behind the kit for a few dates with Sk, Bernie Worell, Andy Hess, and at some point in Aug. I believe George Porter Jr will get thrown into the mix.

George invited me down to New Orleans to hang out for a week long ago which I never jumped on. Im recently, as of today regretting this and hoping the offer still stands. Ive been so wrapped up in the NYC musician thing (just cause its right there) that sometimes I forget what goes on down south. It is one of the richest musical environments in the world…. serious destination…a must. I played 2 gigs at Jazz fest maybe 2 or 3 years ago. George came to sit in for the one show. It didnt start till 3 am and Tips was packed. Musicians who are kind of on the outskirts can relate to this. Musicians in the city may  recognize, but not totally. Livin in the middle of nothappin town PA and then getting transported to middle of Jazz fest at 3 am at Tips with people from Dr. John, and The Meters, and Galactic hangin around you… i dont know. you just feel it. you play different carry yourself differently. The music is so happening that you cant help but rise to the occasion or atleast think you get whats going on. They make you feel good. These guys really play. They have there own way. They are really good at it..and it makes everyone happy. I have to get back  down there.


XVSK hits the road this week for 2 gigs upstate

June 6th – Lovin Cup Cafe Rochester NY

June 7th – Trev hangin with cello people. I have to find something to do. please email me if you want a drummer for your child party, club, or record. john@kimock.com

June 8th – Lot 10 New Directions Cello Festival NY




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