New Track – Wageningen + Things To Come

Sup pups. its Fri morning and Im seriously giving into the resistance right now. However I decided to do something that Ive put off for along time. PUTTING UP A NEW TRACK! Its me playing guitar!

Im using a semi-hollow body guitar with a line 6 looper and some weird lo-fi pedal my dad had laying around. He is and will always be my favorite guitar player which is why I will do my best to never try to sound like that.

What I did hear came very naturally as hard as it was. ITS ACTUALLY SOMETHING I WOULD LISTEN 2! I dont usually like listening to my own music. Hope you Enjoy. Link at Bottom. its called Wageningen.  

TAKE NOTE – I have some shows coming up

10/20 – Porter’s Pub EASTON, PA w. Family Circus Trio 10pm (No Cover)


11/10 – Steel Jam Festival BETHLEHEM PA w/ XVSK




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