MARTIN (and I) On JAMCRUISE 4 years ago.

MARTIN (and I) On JAMCRUISE 3 years ago. Glad to be back on the boat this year.

Martin Fierro was one of my fathers best friends, band mates and musical inspirations. Martin was like another father to me. Since I was little he would sit me down and tell me fucked up stories…music, woman, psychedelic burritos….It could go on and on. At the end of most of his stories he was so “in it” and reliving it in such an intense way that it would end with him in tears.

He played with everyone from Loudon Wainwright III to Jerry Garcia to scoring cult classic movies like “El Topo.”

I played with Martin all through out my childhood up until his passing in 2008. I remember waking up in a hotel in San Francisco and my dad telling me Martin died. “Motherfucker died on a gig day…” invoking martins spirited dark humor. Looking back I can grasp bits of advice he was trying to instill in me. One being dont take this….life…tooo seriously, which I tend to forget sometimes.

He is smiling down on all of us. possibly giving you a red eye while you sleep. wear a belt you MCs.

Martin Fierro (January 18, 1942 – March 13, 2008)


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