Mauch Chunk Opera House Sold Out! What Fun! Footage x Musical Projects For the Holiday Seasons! x Scoring for Airealistic Dance Company in BKLYN x Jessi Teich Album Update!

just want to say a big thank you for Miz & Cabinet for having me along to play at the Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe. It was a beautiful night. Please keep an eye on these 2 bands. 

tis the season for funding amazing projects wouldnt you say? and there are a few that im involved in that need your support!

1. Breaking Surface Presented By Airealistic! 

Dancers, Directors, Writers, and Musicians participation ranging from The Metropolitan Opera, Off Broadway shows like De La Guarda, and Fuerza Bruta, and me! XVSK has worked on the score for this on and off for the last few years and are really excited to see what is next for theses amazing artists. Please watch the video and give what you can. There are alot of amazing packages that range from honorable mentions to a 4 person fly class!

——> Check it


2. Jessi Teich. She got that Tom Waitts attitude….and undeniable stage swag. The live show is not to be missed. (We will be at Le Bec Fin on New Years Eve) She is recording her new album in Paris with a bunch of French people. Yes there is a language barrier, we need money to get Jessi Rosetta Stone before she has to go back and direct a band! just kidding. but recording, airfare, rehearsals are expensive. I have had the pleasure to hear some of the new album and its very “new”. No one is really doing what she is doing…especially with the musicians she is doing it with. Most jazz singers are polished and make me uncomfortable when I have to talk to them. Jessi is an accomplished piano player and songwriter. She doesnt try to control her musicians like most band leaders…and…welll…its super gritty….swampy and is completely out of the box in terms of what jazz/soul singers usually accomplish in the studio. More albums like this should be made. Musically free, spontaneous, and no strings attached. So be apart of History. kick in a few bucks….everything from an advanced copy of the album to a TRIP TO PARIS are on the table. I might try and snag that one. —>




some footage from the sold out Mauch Chunk Opera House the other night. —->



see ya soon!


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