Playing with EO featuring Kyle Hollingsworth (SCI) Dan Lebowitz (ALO) Reed Mathis (TLG) Matt Butler Conducting. plus Special Guesting at Stage 48 Kimock Show!

thats enough right? thats all i really have to say. at the moment Im trying to put the finishing touches on a one of a kind trip where Carla meets the rest of the family. Im very excited. I arrive in SanFrancisco at about when the Super Bowl starts so that is just a supreme added bonus. 


Ive been working alot on some tracks. Been trying to shed my production skills and have something releasable by next month sometime. Its going under the name John Kimock and The Bedsit Brooders. I know its a mouthful but at this point I cant shy away from what little visibility I might have, but also dont want it to just be my name. So i combined my soon to be producer alias with my name into something no one will ever remember or want to say. 🙂 The songs are pretty good though…thats all that matters right? what songs are they? they are songs you’ve heard of! hopefully. Ive compilled some REMIXES and COVERS. I have alot of original music but it is all poorly put together and i thought. Im gonna give this some time to breathe. Ill just rearrange some other ppls music. It gives me anxiety thinking about releasing my own music…even if it is a “cover” or “remix”. I also think there is a slight bullshit factor with the remix and cover thing. Is it even legal? wtf! I would like to think I am staying true to the vibe of the original and putting my own twist on things. I hope you dig it. There will be videos going along with most of these. 



here is an old photo of me and pops scoring a silent film at NY Guitar Festival. We shared the Bill with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). @LincolnCenterImage


(BEST OF) 15 Moments on Jam Cruise

1. Both Steve Kimock Sets

2. Hanging out with Michael Weintrob, Bernie Worrell, and Amlak (Steel Pulse) on Turk.

3. Watching Skerik, Medeski, Deitch side stage

4. Everything about Jans Ingber

5. Coffee & Pizza with John Scofield. Talking about Billy Martin and recording his new record.

6. Chatting with Colonel Bruce about Roland Kirk and the “Key of T”

7. Wildlife Excursions/Beach w. Carla

8. Nikki Glaspie saying “you sounf good”

9. Sitting in with ALO and Tea Leaf Green

10. Watching Dumpstaphunk

11. Weird tasting ice cream machine in the corner on pool deck

12. wild dogs

13. DeShawn (13yr old drummer on the island killing it)

14. Hot Tub Champagne 

15. Blue Theme NightImage

See ya!