(BEST OF) 15 Moments on Jam Cruise

1. Both Steve Kimock Sets

2. Hanging out with Michael Weintrob, Bernie Worrell, and Amlak (Steel Pulse) on Turk.

3. Watching Skerik, Medeski, Deitch side stage

4. Everything about Jans Ingber

5. Coffee & Pizza with John Scofield. Talking about Billy Martin and recording his new record.

6. Chatting with Colonel Bruce about Roland Kirk and the “Key of T”

7. Wildlife Excursions/Beach w. Carla

8. Nikki Glaspie saying “you sounf good”

9. Sitting in with ALO and Tea Leaf Green

10. Watching Dumpstaphunk

11. Weird tasting ice cream machine in the corner on pool deck

12. wild dogs

13. DeShawn (13yr old drummer on the island killing it)

14. Hot Tub Champagne 

15. Blue Theme NightImage

See ya!


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