Joe Blaney / NY Sessions Day 3

Joe Blaney / NY Sessions Day 3

Here is a photo of Joe working with the clash. We have been living in a converted church studio doing some sessions. Jerry Marotta owns the place. Its got an attached house with a bunch of bedrooms. Ive posted some pictures but Im not exactly sure how much Im supposed to leak about the sessions or Id say who is on the dates. If you back track you can make an educated guess.

Working with Joe has been an extremely humbling experience. He really has the patience at the board and in the recording room to make sure we are doing this right.

He is also slightly removed from reality in the most perfect way. In a way where you can tell he is listening to the thing from 10 different angles you don’t even know are possible.

Im thinking of shooting a video to try and let you get a feel for this place but its something you have to see for yourself.

Ive never been in a studio where you have like 20-30 different snare drums to choose from…5 or 6 different vintage bass drums, more percussion toys than you could ever ask for. Its pretty spectacular.

If you have a minute it is worth checking out Joe’s discography —>


Road Musicians Podcast List

Yo….are you about to leave home for like 3 weeks, or 3 months.?..and need something to pass the time. Its a constant hurry up and wait on the road. please check out some of these great podcasts that will help ease the long drives.









Alex Hoffman / Musical / No Humanity

Feel free to do some background work on this if you need. I know so few musicians like this that it is extremely fascinating to me and I felt like sharing with my friends.

I feel like this type of attitude is what happens when musicians take the music so seriously that they lose there humanity. There voice may get stronger but there is NO room left in them for any compassion or ability to see beyond whats instilled in them as far as a set of musical rules and regulations go (which i claim to know nothing about). My upbringing mainly consisted of “ensemble listening.” and in those two words Ive applied my own set of standards that I use to work….and I get work..

This guy in 3 words may have just limited his career significantly because he has grown up in an environment that (after listening to this) sounds more like RULES & COMPETITION STATS than MUSIC.

I wanted to bring this up not to pass judgement on one person, but a whole way of thinking that has musicians threatened by creativity that does not abide by there own line of thinking (that they most likely got out of a book) . For someone as talented as Alex Hoffman it is a shame he is shutting out such an important element to being a human musician.

Musically peaks and valleys are more intense for some than others. He is def going through some shit as a human being. I think you can tell through this interview he is really struggling with himself at points. He is brilliant musically and I believe further down the road he may regret the post. Hell I would if I were him.

ok chutting up.

apt drums / neighbors? / ehh /

apt drums / neighbors? / ehh /

i havent done much playing at my house cause i am attached to like 5 other houses on the block. luckily we are the last house so we only have one neighbor attached to our right. his name is jim. his dogs bark all day and night. it doesnt bother me much. just set up my small kit in my office and played alittle…havent heard those dogs in awhile.

if your neighbor is deaf like good old jim this might be ok. if not…you should check out ?uestloves’ new ludwig kit —> solves alot of problems —->

Greetings from the West Coast UPDATE!

Wow California. We have been having an amazing time out here….so much to the point where I have barely been able to practice or think about life back home. we are about half way through the trip and wanted to give you alittle musical update as I have atleast caught up in my email and there are lots of things happening right now.


1. 1st Remix/Re for Bedsit Brooder

                  yes… I will be releasing a series of singles and remix tracks along with a new site for Bedsit Brooder. Ive re-imagined some older tunes along with some of the new favorites to kick off this project. Hopefully this will continue through-out the year. I would like to do some remixes of friends bands aswell so if you are reading this and trust me with your music and want to hear a new version of a tune…hit me up! seriously. First one will come out in April. Hopefully with a video!

2. Steve Kimock Video Guitar Series  – Ive started to gather footage from the Big Red Barn and working on a series of videos for Steve Kimock. There is no title yet. The premise is story-telling and old guitars. Soon one of those will be done. 

3. Breaking Surface show – which is something that I had a hand in scoring has completed the Kickstarter! With coverage from the huff post and new york times I would hope some people would catch on and they did! We will be working together on one last piece before they debut the show in NYC in March. 


4. Shows!