Joe Blaney / NY Sessions Day 3

Joe Blaney / NY Sessions Day 3

Here is a photo of Joe working with the clash. We have been living in a converted church studio doing some sessions. Jerry Marotta owns the place. Its got an attached house with a bunch of bedrooms. Ive posted some pictures but Im not exactly sure how much Im supposed to leak about the sessions or Id say who is on the dates. If you back track you can make an educated guess.

Working with Joe has been an extremely humbling experience. He really has the patience at the board and in the recording room to make sure we are doing this right.

He is also slightly removed from reality in the most perfect way. In a way where you can tell he is listening to the thing from 10 different angles you don’t even know are possible.

Im thinking of shooting a video to try and let you get a feel for this place but its something you have to see for yourself.

Ive never been in a studio where you have like 20-30 different snare drums to choose from…5 or 6 different vintage bass drums, more percussion toys than you could ever ask for. Its pretty spectacular.

If you have a minute it is worth checking out Joe’s discography —>


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