Writing from home this time. Been mostly teaching/mixing/practicing/hanging with family (mike & carla <3).  Ill spare you the worst of it….ok I wont…Ive been stressed and there is no one thing I can pinpoint that is causing it. chalking it up to a bunch of little things.  

here are (some) of those little things

1. the puppy…its really hard to actually get any work done at home when the teething pup needs constant attention. If you ever had the painstaking pleasure of mixing your own music, you know it needs the listeners complete attention…you cant worry about if your dog is eating thumb tacks in the corner of the room (he was). 

2. the clutter – it piles up and Ill need to clean it up to think straight. I cant until its all back to normal. how would you like it if you went to work (your bedroom) and had to stare at dirty clothes/ dishes/ puppy toys while you blasted a click track in your ears for three hours. Sometimes I seriously wonder what Im doing with my life.


3. lack of tech savvy skills – Im really bad at working on the computer. doesn’t matter if its a blog, music program, or just keeping my desktop organized Im just bad at it. I can’t remember any key commands, can’t seem to navigate through the finder effectively. its soooo frustrating. 


Its about 5pm when Ive experienced all these things and more. I have not eaten, and am just demoralized by how little I was able to accomplish. 


So there you go. Im not claiming to have any solutions for these things nor am I complaining…but I know some of you have parallel situations. your not alone in this. Everyone is busy. Or is it that you just feel busy? This article helped me relax alitte bit and prioritze my work. It hasn’t solved the problem but did give me a boost and Im feeling the need to share it. deliberate practice habits will pay off and keep you sane!




  1. I totally relate. I think I need to make some time to pop “A Love Supreme” on the turntable, grab some headphones and just let the stress of the world fade a bit!

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