Nico Muhly (one of my favorite composers) talking about dealing with all things internally and not worry about anything but.

EO Dates Continue —> SK at GOTV –> Our Griffins back at Johnny & Brendas and Madame Freak makes her debut!

Hey. Just drove 10 hours from Bethlehem P.A. down to Asheville NC. Staying at the manager of the Everyone Orchestras house. To be more specific in his daughters room. She is 3 and apparently she got kicked out so I could be in here. That feels weird. Crazy looking stuffed animals, dolls, books, flowers, and pink pillows surround me. Home for the next few days. ahh the road. EO is at the Asheville Music Hall for the next few nights. Last time we played there it was an amazing sold out crowd and we barely train wrecked. I love EO. Its so on the edge! 

Oh and Ive got some Our Griffins shows coming up in the tri0state area. def come check this band. We have been really hashing this shit out in a real way. SOUNDCRAFT/SONGCRAFT. OG is on to something and Im happy to be along for the ride. Everyone in the band also fucking rocks as human beings which is not always the case in bands! hahaha ❤ here is some footage from our last JBs show. ——->

I keep hearing about the french. and how they are coming. that must mean all this recording ive been doing with Jessi T is finally mastered and ready to be played out live. I hope I remember it. The rest of the band arrives from france in the next week or so and i dont speak any french. fuck. i guess that means more playing. def com check out madame freak and the funky fever. and like this page ——->

check out the music here ——–>


Last but certainly not least. Steve Kimock & Friends will be making an appearance at The Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport CT. Its a great fest. you can also catch Phil Lesh, John Scofield Uberjam, The Roots, Grace Potter, and a crap-ton of amazing other folks/bands, and folk bands. 


i think that just about covers everything….oh!!! here are some dates for july……Imagethe look at the photo