Philly Lurking / Boyer Unincorporated / American Babies / Our Griffins

Lurking around Philly. Our Griffins honored Elliot Smith at The World Cafe. Dylan and Ben drove me up and we checked out some prog and awkward podcasts.

Eventually found myself at Tom Hamilton’s place in..idk…I want to so say fish town? We immediately discussed how crazy we are. GREAT. passed out. woke up to an egg sangwich. 

We did some rehearsing with Steve Lyons (Nicos Gun) who was also just filling in. We played down some of the material as fast as we could. Adam showed up and smoke a bunch of joints and lost his wallet. Did some playing too. HE sounded brilliant! 

Enough time had passed that I could start to form some concrete feelings on how things go round in this camp. You can really only assume leading up to actually being in the same room for while what it would be like. Some song-writers ARE TOTALLY ANAL which also more often than not makes the rest of the band sound like they are playing on thin ice. the worst. but sometimes its ok. Tom is not that way. HE puts alot of trust in all the musicians to do the homework and be ourselves. He isnt grinding his teeth at you if the part isnt exactly right…He is just as excited about happy accidents popping up in transitions and solo sections as the actual part executed how it is on the recording. NICE! 

So on top of the relaxed musical vibe everyone is hilarious and barely sleeps. We left Philly at around 4am. 6 1/2 hrs to WV. 


We arrived here at about 11 AMImageThe Boyer Motel. Bloody Sheets, bugs of all kinds roam free, cigarette burns, aplenty. Our TV worked. 

So even after driving all night it was really hard to get some sleep knowing we were going to have to play in 4 hours. I forced my eyes to stay open. I listened to Dave King’s “April in Gary” on repeat. found some cats. found some more cats. We were staying in a town inside of a town. That “area” was called Boyer Unincorporated the only radio quiet zone of its kind in the world. We are talkin no cell service, wifi, or radio stations. If you wanted to get away with murder, or i guess throw a music festival, this is where you go.

Driving through the mountains to festival was gorgeous. Upon arriving to artist check-gate there was a little community of trailers before we hit the dirt roads. Really shitty trailers. Firewood, child toys, and hunting dogs on chains littered what was left of the  yards. I mean these folks better have been getting compensated for us “city folk” trashing the land behind there trailer park. who the fuck knows though.

We drove through the winding dirt paths to play our set on the little cafe stage tucked into the base of second campground. Quick line check and we’re off. We did some great playing considering the lack of sleep. Sometimes I think that I perform better with the flu or no sleep opposed to a home town hit and 8 hours uninterrupted.   

We proceeded back to the main stage area for some food and watched some bands play. Tom and I ended up sitting in with Tea Leaf Green which was nice! I see these guys all over the country and they are some of the coolest I run into. Amazing musicians  the lot! Great to run into Nigel Hall, Jans Ingber, Joey Porter, Keller Williams, TLG, The Broadcast and all the rest of you. Somehow I feel like I will be back in Boyer Unincorporated one day. IF not for a music festival, for a murder, or alien related shit.