last few months

hey anyone who reads this…its been a whirlwind of a few months with moving, cross-country gigs, studio sessions trying to maintain healthy relationship and of course an ill behaved puppy. on top of this ive composed about 30 minutes in the sketch form of an album that im hoping to put out in the new year. most likely taking on a film score in the new year in addition to growing a band. lots and lots to think about for having to leave the country in couple days for some gigs. hopefully the lack of communication does some good for me. 

october was a great month for steve kimock band and our griffins. i did alot of touring up and down the east coast plus an incredibly tiring PA —> FL —> MA in 2 days. lots of flying training for a small amount of music. try not to think about it and just listen to as many podcasts as possible or bang out a couple of loops on reason. 


november had less on the books but just as busy rehearsing, and working up some stuff with the OG, and trying to get in touch about our kimock record that NEEDS to get finished. this month was spent on the phone. i was also able to do some shows with the everyone orchestra, our griffins and steve kimock and move my entire life across town. better for it


december has been mostly used for composing alot of music for a show im doing coming up with dana hawkins and evan marien in january. —> here is some of evan and dana…siked and nervous for this

did a few our griffins shows and some stuff with keller williams and sk not to mention closing out the blockley with everyone orchestra. sad to see that place go. members of moe, lotus, TAB, lettuce, american babies, dj logic and many others participated. RIP Blockley


here is some stuff im excited about coming up that i would love to see you at. 

JAN 16 XVSK at Rockwood Music Hall (FINAL SHOW)


JAN 26 Our Griffins at Glasslands in Brooklyn NY

here is a ticket link —>

here is a link to the music —>

JAN 31 SOLO PERFORMANCE w/ Evan Marien v. Dana Hawkins at TBA in Wilkesbarre PA

some of my solo material —->


happy new now!Image