no humdrum monotonous task

Imagecustoms was easy. tsa.. a nightmare….i ended up bringing way more than i needed but it was peace of mind. i just played alot of music in the middle of the ocean. keller williams, alo, and the everyone orchestra were gracious enough to have me. I was lucky enough to hop on EO after find out fishman was not going to make it on the boat. i almost wore a dress….almost. 

it was nice catch some old friends. JC is like family and i would like to think i have grown up on that boat to some extent. alot of musical growth. many realizations…getting to see all these great musicians kill it night after night on absolutely nooo sleep. super inspiring. 

it was great to see drummer friends like adam deitch (who i have been listening to since i was 15), stanton moore, dave brogan, gertner, there are more. adam in particular has always been very supportive and I cant thank him enough for that. short exchanges are all you get on jam cruise…everyone is moving so much….it is extremely fast and you have to sort of be ok with that. and i am. but seeing him and getting to catch up is great. same with the whole alo crew. always been willing to let me get up there with them and hit a conga or shake a shaker. the list goes on. but i must say the highlight for me was the deck off of my room from which carla and i completely let 2013 go. it was a difficult year for me transition projects and trying to grow as a player and composer and maintaining a life. I was hard on myself and got in the way of productivity thinking i needed things i didnt. alot of being productive has to do with not panicking about where you are within that journey. be ok with who you are and what you are capable of. you can find alot of peace in that. from there, good work can be done. 

i got back from miami a few days ago. it took me atleast a day to realize i wasnt sick before i could get back to work. hung with dog and carla cooked. we had her parents over and played board games. it was an incredibly normal thing to do. which was foreign to me, but something i needed badly. more apples to apples. 

getting back on MY kit felt good. there is always tooo much to do. my warm up has moved from rudiments to practicing down entire sets of music. sometimes in repetition if i can find the time. solo sets, XVSK sets, our griffins… all gigs im doing. i used to just practice to albums but for the first time im kind of realizing how important it is to practice for the gigs you have. religiously if you can. this is the first time i am super happy with where i am and who i am surrounding myself with musical. so it is a pleasure to play this music every day. it feels great. 

upcoming gigs

Jan 16 – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 New York (XVSK)

Jan 18 – MilkBoy Philadelphia (Our Griffins + Bad Suns + Royal Bangs)

Jan 22 – Toad Boston MA (Our Griffins)

Jan 23 – Woodbury Music Shop Woodbury CT (Our Griffins)

Jan 24 – Bottlenecks Wilkesbarre PA (Our Griffins)

Jan 25 – M.O.M.’s Doylestown PA (Our Griffins)

Jan 26 – Glasslands Brooklyn NY (Our Griffins)

Jan 31 – Bottlenecks Wilkesbarre (Solo Set + Evan Marien X Dana Hawkins

early 2014 you will see work from me w/

our griffins

steve kimock 

charlie hunter // jessi teich 

everyone orchestra

arctic alchemy documentary 

and much more… on the look out…


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