fake fireplace jazz and nowhere to call home…and pete seeger is dead.

Just returned from an Our Griffins run of shows. temps are cold. everyone here (NEPA) is sort of done with it. looking towards spring.

the batch of material that I’ve written partly with my father will likely come into existence this year even if its just in a very low key way. some of these tunes i feel like would really do some good on new ears and i am trying to figure out the best way to get them out….to you…i guess….or whoever wants to hear them. 

i will test a few out up in wilkesbarre next week. should be a good time. (jan 31st at bottlenecks) feel free to msg me if you are interested in going. 

Working with OG has been very refreshing from the past few years. I feel extremely grateful to be a part of this. I think everyone involved does and in recognizing that it is so special, it is being taken care in such a way that things won’t be undone later due to a lack of detail or a bad read. I don’t feel like I am getting over excited and trying to take on more than i should, in fact 2013 was probably the first time I was turning down things because it did not seem like a good idea to load my plate up with so many different things. Ive done that for a long time and is what I am most familiar with….to be working on one or 2 projects really is foreign to me. Im used to a much more scattered amount of work. So with an occasional tour or gig here and there you will mostly see me with OG. The “other” work I will be doing has to do with hopefully not leaving my house. I have a little studio upstairs and a rehearsal spot downstairs. Im looking for more things to do in the film score front as well as working with folks on songwriting and sort of act as a helpful ear. If you are interested in working with me..please do say so. 

Its currently 7:24a, I took Carla to the hospital around 6a. 


rip pete seeger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezyd40kJFq0


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