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Alex Hoffman / Musical / No Humanity

Feel free to do some background work on this if you need. I know so few musicians like this that it is extremely fascinating to me and I felt like sharing with my friends.

I feel like this type of attitude is what happens when musicians take the music so seriously that they lose there humanity. There voice may get stronger but there is NO room left in them for any compassion or ability to see beyond whats instilled in them as far as a set of musical rules and regulations go (which i claim to know nothing about). My upbringing mainly consisted of “ensemble listening.” and in those two words Ive applied my own set of standards that I use to work….and I get work..

This guy in 3 words may have just limited his career significantly because he has grown up in an environment that (after listening to this) sounds more like RULES & COMPETITION STATS than MUSIC.

I wanted to bring this up not to pass judgement on one person, but a whole way of thinking that has musicians threatened by creativity that does not abide by there own line of thinking (that they most likely got out of a book) . For someone as talented as Alex Hoffman it is a shame he is shutting out such an important element to being a human musician.

Musically peaks and valleys are more intense for some than others. He is def going through some shit as a human being. I think you can tell through this interview he is really struggling with himself at points. He is brilliant musically and I believe further down the road he may regret the post. Hell I would if I were him.

ok chutting up.

XVSK “On The Road” Episode 2

XVSK hits the road with Steve Kimock, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads) Andy Hess (Gov’t Mule), Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow, David Linley).
We also did some recording with Dana Colley (Morphine) and Roger Greenawalt (Ben Kweller). Footage is from New Directions Cello Festival and a number of gigs around the East Coast.

background music credit to Flying Lotus & Bernard Herrman.