Goodmorning. it…

Goodmorning. its about 7am. Had my first bjj class in awhile last night. sore. dog. anyway this is a special weekend coming up. Ill be joining George Porter Jr. Steve Kimock and Bernie Worrell in Ohio for a Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch gig. So this blog post will be followed by a few hours of shedding. It was maybe a month ago I saw George briefly at a gig in New York. He a solid mofo. He was working in the 7 Walkers which strikes me as an odd combination but he seemed to be having fun. Its music after all. Id be happy to get to work on an opera. I’d like to play jazz. but like for real. Anything, in the realm of creating sound, Im finding more and more reasons to be extremely grateful for these situations. In a time where people are struggling, which alot of people are, Im still managing to do something I love for a living. A modest living. Fuck yea. BE Grateful.

Coming up in the next month or so I will be working with XVSK to perform in front of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There will be TWO shows 


Sept 30 – PhilaMOCA ——->

off to shed thx folks.