West Coast Update

Dont ever try to mix something you care about on an airplane. especially if you care about what you are doing. like you should. 

Im 3 hours into a 5 hour flight from SFO — EWR. It was a wonderful trip out west. Ive got four more EO shows under my belt. yay! Thanks to ”everyone” who made it happen and for dealing with my flemming around  backstage areas, private parties, and rental van. Somehow my chest cold has taken on a life of its own since Keller and the Kimocks at Steel Stacks (13 days ago).  Ill be be surprised if I’m asked back. Time to rest and prepare for some shows coming up. I will make a post about july soon! This WEEK i will be playing with Steve Kimock, Bernie Worrell and Andy Hess at The Lunar Bay Festival.